Sexual Exploitation and Families

Sexual Exploitation and Families

Sexual exploitation is a complex problem with social, legal, political, economic and ethical dimensions.

It takes many singular and interrelated forms including pornography, prostitution, paedophilia, trafficking in human beings, and affects people of different ages, sexes and communities. Sexual exploitation has profound and damaging consequences for individuals exploited and those around them including families and communities. Targeting and grooming of children often brings psychological implications for parents and other family members; it can become almost impossible for them to carry on with their life and be able to respond effectively to the crises at hand.

They feel their lives have been turned upside down from a situation they have never anticipated. It can undermine parents’ capacity to respond proactively to the needs of their children. Lack of knowledge of the operation of abusers, patterns of grooming, impact of exploitation on their children can contribute to crises, pushing parents into despair.

Families in such situations need advice and support.

PACE has been pioneering in support work to parents affected by child sexual exploitation. Founded by an affected parent, PACE continues to be driven by the experiences and needs of affected parents and works alongside them so that they can become active agents in responding to the sexual exploitation and abuse of their children.

Information provided by PACE (UK) (Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation). More information on supporting parents can be found on the PACE website.

More information about the direct effects of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) on Parents and Carers and Supporting Parents and Carers can be found in our resources library.