More than just a cover story

Children world-wide, face the horrors of child sexual exploitation (CE) everyday.

CE is a type of abuse, that involves the manipulation and/or the coercion of young people into sexual or criminal activity sometimes in exchange for things such as money, gifts, accommodation, affection or status. It exists in many forms including modern slavery, prostitution and sexual abuse.

Opening eyes to the horrors of child exploitation.

It is easy to forget in our day-to-day lives that these atrocities happen everywhere and society is far too quick to turn a blind eye to suspected abuse of defenceless children and young adults.

Our cover stories are purposefully haunting and aim to communicate the realities of CE via thought provoking straplines.

They invite the reader to consider the underlying message of what looks, upon first inspection, as a regular magazine cover. As a series they will tackle the many types of abuse, collaboratively they will communicate a wide picture helping many victims to come forward and assist others in spotting potential signs.

The controversial nature of this campaign may raise eye-brows, but in doing so we hope to attract attention whilst communicating our core message “Help Us to Stop Child Exploitation” into the minds of a wide and varied audience.

Collaboratively and when analysed as an entire piece of art, our campaign and the noise it receives will help us to raise awareness of the horrors and atrocities of CE and help us to tackle child  exploitation.