Keeping our children
And young people safe

Child sexual exploitation can affect anyone these days and all our young people are vulnerable with an increased on-line risk of grooming. Read Megan’s and other stories.

More than one in three children who experienced abuse from an adult did not tell anyone about it2

For us building relationships with corporates and businesses is key in being able to make a difference to the lives of children and young people

We can help you

  • Create a safer environment for your employees’ children to grow up in, using awareness, prevention and educational materials.
  • Support with resources and training that help you tackle issues of modern slavery and human trafficking.
  • Increase staff motivation and engagement.
  • Gain recognition and publicity through your supporting NWG’s work.

There are many different ways you can get involved in our work:

Join our mailing list:

Sign up for email updates, with awareness raising on CE and trafficking. Gain access to numerous free tools and resources to help you protect your employees.

Throughout the year, there will be various opportunities to get involved further protecting children and young people.

To sign-up please call NWG on 01332 585371 or get in touch.

Become a member and you can benefit from:

  • A wide range of tools to protect your employees’ children and family, including protecting your children online and safely accessing sports clubs and activities.
  • Training for a Foundation and Advanced level on child sexual exploitation, modern day slavery and trafficking.
  • A number of sponsorship and advertising opportunities available to a wide network across the UK and Channel Islands through our directory and conference.
  • Exclusive invitations to business networking events, with guest speakers.

Corporate partnerships:

We are looking to develop partnerships with a wide range of companies that will deliver clear benefits for you and important funds to help us protect children and young people from child sexual exploitation.

Initially we are looking for business people to support our focus group to develop the best possible package for corporate supporters.

If you are interested please call NWG on 01332 585371 or get in touch.

However you choose to support our work, you can be sure that you are contributing to changing the lives of young people, who may be at risk of; or who have experienced severe traumas through the horrors of child exploitation. 

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