Safer Summer Activities

What Parents and Carers Need to Know

Enrolling your Child in Safer Summer Activities – What Parents and Carers Need to Know?

With the holidays almost upon us, children up and down the country are excitedly looking forward to the summer and kicking away their homework books. Many parents/carers will find themselves in the unenviable position of trying to juggle work and entertaining children whilst off school. There are many fantastic sport and leisure activities for children to be engaged with over the holidays where they can learn a range of new skills, build on their existing ones whilst having fun and making new friends.

Knowing where to go and which are the best ones for your child can be tricky for families and you may only have a shiny leaflet to base your decision on. Sometimes a club may appear value for money and this may mean finding out a bit more about them and likewise because a group charges more, doesn’t equal improved protection for children.

Parents/carers need to be prepared and confident to ask the right questions of other people who may be looking after their children. A good club/group/provision will welcome your interest and concerns and understand that you are thinking about keeping your child and other children safe -which is everybody’s business. Alarm bells should ring for those who are reluctant to provide information, are unwelcoming or are unable to show they have the right information. If you have real concerns about a club or group, then please share that information with your local safeguarding team found on your local authority website so other children can be protected.

Here are some three key areas to help you feel more confident to ask the right questions when thinking about extra-curricular summer activities

 1) Find out more 2) Get Involved 3) Provide Information

With those questions in mind please go and find out more about who runs the activities you may be enrolling your child in, talk with your friends about the tips above, confident that you are a parent/carer who is really thinking about their child’s safety, enabling them to have a fun, fantastic and safer summer holiday.

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