National CSE Awareness Day Events Final Round up - 2017

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National CSE Awareness Day Events Final Round up – 2017

Your commitment to the National CSE day has made the 2017 Awareness Day bigger and better than ever!

As you know the 18th March fell on a Saturday this year, this presented as an excellent chance to widen the awareness raising potential into shopping centres and public venues. As abuse in sport has been brought to the forefront of media attention recently, a Saturday also offered a timely opportunity for awareness raising to take place at football matches (Premiership, Championship and local) as well as the wider range of sporting activities that take place across the UK, such as sports clubs and groups, swimming pools, dance groups, gymnastics, martial arts and so on, many of which take place over weekends and are attended by children and young people and often include volunteers in supporting and coaching roles.

We once again launched a Thunderclap and I would like to thank you all for supporting and sharing it – the stats speak for themselves:

  • Our Thunderclap had a total social reach (how many people saw the Stop-CSE message)  of 3.9 Million  (3,927,370) with a total support of 648 people.
  • Our biggest Thunderclap supporter was Stoke City FC with a social network of 689,767.

Twitter was busy with our hashtags #CSEDay17 and #HelpingHands from the very start of the day and right through until late at night and we tried our best to share and retweet as many events, photos, comments and hashtags a possible

  • Every Tweet was special but I feel I must mention that we had tweets from the Home OfficeCPS and the Amy WinehouseFoundation. All of which hash tagged #CSEDay17
  • Staying with Twitter a moment – #CSEDay17 was trending in the UK all morning from 9am with the highest trend at number 5 on the list.
  • Our top tweet was ‘Police back #HelpingHands campaign to tackle child sexual exploitation #CSEDay17’ which earned 5,106 impressions (number of times people saw the tweet on Twitter).
  • and Liverpool and London were our most active Twitter cities

Some great use of social media over the day included Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook – Cumbria Police launched their Snapchat account by telling fictional story of sexting and exploitation.

Details of just under 200 events were sent in to us from across the UK including:

  • Local Radio interviews taking place
  • Education sessions in Primary, Secondary schools and PRUs
  • Teacher training sessions
  • A 5k fun run took place aptly named – R.A.C.E (Reading Against Child Exploitation)
  • Drama productions were performed in schools and colleges
  • CSE and Internet safety Information aimed at parents was added to a local magazine and delivered to 16,500 homes
  • 1.5 tonnes of posters and leaflets have been sent out across Northumberland to schools, GPs, Health centres Children centres
  • Taxi driver training and hotel training taking place across many regions
  • Shops, shopping centres and train stations were targeted for public awareness raising sessions
  • School nurses delivered CSE sessions to pupils
  • Local businesses visited with CSE posters and information leaflets
  • Pop up stalls, workshops, surgeries, school assemblies, masterclasses, youth buses, forums and conferences all taking place
  • New local public CSE campaigns launched
  • Public Exhibitions and displays
  • Newsletters and local news stories

Events took place in all regions of the UK along with Jersey, the Scilly Isles and Isle of Wight

People involved in the day included: Police Forces, LSCBs, County and City Councils, large and small Charities and projects, Multi Agency teams, Young people’s groups, Police Cadets, Schools, Police and Crimes Commissioners, Health, Licensing, Theatre Companies and many, many, more.

Amongst the publicity materials were Billboards, pin badges, posters, magazines and tee-shirts all produced by you to raise awareness of CSE

Rugby and football were represented with Welsh Rugby Union Players, Stoke City, Blackburn Rovers and Preston North End all getting involved – there was even a Helping Hands cake baked by Sandy Doherty from Great British Bake Off

The NWG produced several free posters for the day incorporating our new images and logos – we even managed to get these translated for our Welsh friends.

The day was used to launch our new website, created by young people for young people – Faceup2it.  Last year we took over the administration of the Face Up 2 it website which was initially created by Barnardos Dundee, we agreed to take it on and re develop it to fit with the current SaySomething campaign. We worked with young people to develop it and will continue to as it grows, it has a wealth of information and interactive activities for young people.

Our Instagram and Stop-CSE website account was kept very busy with #HelpingHands images – we will keep adding them so please keep going back to see – we will use a selection to promote our training and forums too.

Some of the media coverage included:

Not everyone stopped at a CSE day – Some of you have used the whole month as an opportunity to raise awareness so there are still plenty of events taking place up and down the country.

Next year #CSEDay18 will fall on a Sunday – this will enable a possible 4 day weekend of activities to be planned and we will be happy to support you from the Friday through to the Monday
Thank you to everyone who gave up their Saturday- I know the weather was not especially kind in some regions.
Please keep up the brilliant work that you do raising the issues of CSE all year round – you all make such a difference to many people’s lives.
Resources can be downloaded or ordered from our online shop and our website

The NWG Team