About our cause

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The Charity’s Object is to tackle child exploitation, in particular but not exclusively, by promoting , enabling, supporting and developing the protection of children and young people who are affected by sexual exploitation.

Mission Statement

To assist in the eradication of the exploitation and/or trafficking and modern slavery of children and young people


  • To provide a network for projects or organisations concerned with the exploitation and/or trafficking and modern slavery of young people.
  • To provide links into current research, policy and project developments within the field and offer opportunity for examples of improving and developing practice to be shared and discussed.
  • To encourage co-ordination of different approaches and aim to contribute to the development of UK wide policy and practice related to sexual exploitation and/or Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery.
  • To encourage child-centred practices that recognise and respect diversity.


To develop an appropriate support network for services working with young people at risk of or experiencing, exploitation and Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

To enable the group to be heard as a collective group of projects and organisations working in the field of exploitation.